Feb. 4th, 2011

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It seems weird to spend a month on something so foundational to how I'm feeling/doing overall. The amount of time that I spend in prayer is the singlemost accurate predictor of how happy, how peaceful, how stable, and how content I am. So I suppose no happiness project of mine would really be complete without it.

Some specific ways that I will be focusing on prayer this month are:

1. Read books on faith. The main deterent to my prayer life is lack of focus. When what I'm reading reflects what I'm praying, focus comes more naturally.

2. Finally get into the practice of having a prayer journal. I have several journals, but I have always been told that I need a separate one for prayer. Or at least something more private than lj. I know I can make private entries, but I'm paranoid. I never put anything on the Internet that it would disrupt my world to have just anyone read. I can't imagine that it will be incredibly structured. But I'm excited about the prospect of a journal where I record my gratitude, longings, notes from reading, etc., as this all bleeds into prayer life. I haven't actually kept a paper journal in a while, so I'm also excited about starting this up again.

Other than these two practices, I'm confident enough to just let this month develop into wherever God wants it to go.

I already feel detached about it. Interesting. We'll see.

Edited to add: In other news, both colleges I work for have been shut down every day this week except for Monday. I can't say I missed having to spend all day today in meetings, but I'm a little afraid for what this is going to do to my schedule for next week and beyond.


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