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*is lazy*

So if I missed anything in the last week (or two? When did I read last) that I need to see, please point me there.

I am just lazing about the desk. I love that I get paid for this. People are around, readying the building. I'm going to do some laundry in a bit. Because I can do my laundry at work.

Great job, this one I have.

And if you didn't believe I was lazy before, this will help solidify the thought. This is me pasting from myspace about American Idol this week )

and Hope visiting Texas/her parents/seeing me last weekend )

So that leaves me at the desk and being lazy. Yep. I think that about covers everything. Or everything I can think of right now.
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Not much to say. But a few things come to mind.

First of all, happy birthday to [ profile] calledisrael!! Hope you have a great day.

Second of all, I liked the Gilmore Girls and House tonight, but I don't have much else to say except for slight Gilmore spoilerage )

I went to a viewing of Invisible Children last night. I have such an easy life. I'm really thankful for that. God, heal this world.

Mel is putting on a program tonight called "Wasabi in the Lobby." We're going to learn to make our own California rolls. Mmm...California rolls...

Now I'm hungry, so I'm going to have a snack. Have a good day, all.


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