coffeesnob318: (Default) the same as my favorite song at this time this year. I am old and set in my ways. I am mere days away from yelling at kids to get off my lawn. The only thing holding me back (okay...holding me back most of the time) is that I live in an apartment so a) I have no lawn to speak of, and b) those kids live here, too.

So that does it. That rounds out my Thirty Day Song Challenge (completed in 35 days - not great, but honestly, better than I expected).
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This was my favorite song in third grade.
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I'm stumped. I can't think of a single song that makes me feel guilty. I think this is an odd prompt.

Maybe if there was a song sung from a cow's perspective, lamenting the poor living conditions that she endures just so that I can have cheese. Aw....sad! But mmm...cheese. *conflicted*

So help me out. What song makes you feel guilty?
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Learning guitar (and learning it well enough to play a little Flamenco) is on my bucket list. I plan to get to that right after I whittle the three jobs down to one so that I have time for the hobbies and interests that I already have. Then I'll have time to pick up the guitar.

Or maybe I'll just take the summer off and take up with a nice fella on a beach somewhere who can teach me how to play.
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This was my favorite recital piece. It's a lot of fun. I'm so out of practice. Watching her play makes me ache. I need a proper keyboard so bad. I wouldn't sound like this if I tried to play it right now, but give me a few weeks, and I could again.
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"You know nothing of madness 'til you're climbing her hair..."

And it's just not complete without the reprise from Act 2:

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The original prompt says "A song you want to play at your funeral." I now need to figure out how I can show up at my own funeral and play a song for the people. Without doing the Huck Finn thing. *plots*

When I was little, I assumed that this song was talking about Heaven. I still don't know if it is or not, but that's what I think about when I hear it.
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The Fiona Apple station on Pandora introduced me to this song. I love it. It's soothing when I'm sad. But it also makes me sad when I'm not. Really, anything that ended up on my mix that I listened to when I was writing Emma Jane for NaNoWriMo would fit this category. It's a blue little mix. That was a long month.
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Or pretty much anything happy from Ally McBeal. Close runners up? Hooked on a Feeling and Just One Look.
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The release of this album was timed perfectly in my life. It coincided with my first big realization that the world is broken. It's still my go-to righteous indignation music.
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I skipped yesterday, so I'll just do two days in one today. Luckily, the songs fit together nicely.

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I thought this was brilliant as a kid. Then I grew up and worked daycare. I feel your pain, Shari.
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I'm not a big One Republic fan, but something about this song resonates with me. It's what popped into my mind at today's prompt.
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Hate is a strong word. Accurate, but strong.

I am pretty sure that this makes me a traitor to my generation, but I just don't care. The day the music died? The day Nirvana sold their first album.
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I have no idea who my favorite band is, but Nickel Creek is definitely top ten. And this is my absolute favorite song by them.
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I couldn't think of any song that made me sleepy, so I borrowed [ profile] ravenluvslex's sleepytime music. :)


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