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This weekend was full of fun. Mostly, it was full of laziness, which I find fun, especially when the laziness follows a crazy week like the one I had.

- I'm going to go to Memphis as a Staff Advisor on Alternative Spring Break. We're going to be working at a food bank there. We started picking our team on Friday. We are interviewing eight people this week and must narrow it down to seven by this coming Friday. I'm super excited about the trip.
- I'm now officially a Pampered Chef consultant. I am hoping to make a little extra money, and this seemed like the most feasible (i.e., flexible with my insane schedule) option.
- I have dropped down to a leg of the relay on my marathon because my fundraising wasn't going well enough to continue the full or half. I'm choosing to look at it as, "Hey, now I'm ahead of schedule." My body seems to be looking at it as "Hey, now I can be lazy," because I have never not wanted to run so much in my life.

I tried out a few recipes this weekend.

Friday, at my Pampered Chef party (at which I decided, "Hey, I could do this!"), we made two delicious but simple things. For the appetizer, we had the Antipasti Pull-Apart Pizza. I don't remember the exact ingredients, but picture a sectioned French Bread crust smothered in mozzarella, olives, red bell pepper, artichokes, and garlic. So good. For the main course/demonstration, we made the Lightning Fast Veggie Chili. It was a basic chili, but smoky (accomplished by semi-roasting the squash and adding poblano pepper). It had a kick to it. Happy.

Saturday, I slept in (nope...didn't run...not at all). For lunch, I made Tofu in Sichuan Sauce. It was even easier than I expected, and it was delicious. I'm going to add vegetables next time, but overall it was a success. For dinner, I made Ribollita Soup. I left out the stale-bread-crumbs-in-otherwise-delightful-soup step, because I do not enjoy soggy bread dishes (French toast and bread pudding, I'm looking at you). I compromised and crushed up a few saltines in my bowl before eating and then hurriedly ate those bites before they could get too soggy. Sure, I may have scalded the roof of my mouth, but that's really a small price to pay not to eat soggy bread. The soup itself was awesome. It may become my go-to veggie soup.

NaNoWriMo begins! If my behavior so far is indicative of the month's pattern, you may be hearing from me a lot. In the last few hours, I've written 665 words, played Bejeweled an obscene amount of times, started working on my NaNoWriMo 2010 playlist on YouTube, and posted this entry. procrastination here. *sheepish*

Who else is doing NaNo this year?
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Stolen clean away from [ profile] chicklet73

Seven things about my writing process:

1. I start by writing dialogue, because I enjoy it the most.

2. I start "writing" by talking. I figure if dialogue doesn't sound right out loud, it won't work on paper either. Of course, this process can be troublesome to the unfortunate souls who happen upon it, since, for all intents and purposes, it merely looks like I am talking to myself.

3. It's hard to stop talking a passage out after the dialogue is finished. I find myself talking through the exposition, too, which is NOT extremely helpful in making it flow on paper.

4. I usually write by hand and then type as I edit. It's very rare that a typed copy is my actual first draft.

5. I have an annoying habit of writing my own internal monologue (usually in parentheses...yes...just like this) during the narrator's voice. As a result, my narrators often are indistinguishable from me or have no discernible personality or are a weird mix of who they are and what they overhear from the peanut gallery in my head.

6. I am really snotty when it comes to choosing the people with whom I share my writing. I have a friend on facebook that has repeatedly asked to read some of what I'm working on to give me feedback, and I have no good reason not to let him. In fact, it's a little dumb that I don't - how often do people go out of their way to offer to edit for someone, free of charge? But I just don't want to. I should probably get over this if I ever want to publish, huh?

7. The more I read, the more I write. I have heard that a lot of people have experienced this phenomenon, though, so maybe it's not so much my process as just good advice.


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