Feb. 12th, 2009 05:08 am
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Mel and Adam get married on Saturday. Yes, on Valentines Day. So now, not only is V-Day My Dear Friend Donna's birthday and My Dear Friend Maggie's favorite day but also My Dear Friend Mel's anniversary.

So this year, I've decided to go with the if-you-can't-beat-them-join-them philosophy of dealing with what is usually one of the most difficult days of the year for me. I'm going to celebrate Valentines Day/Week as if I don't hate it. This celebration includes but is certainly not limited to the following:

1. Playing my Barry White station on Pandora all week at the desk. I actually love this station. I've been dancing around for the last few hours and all last night. And it inspires flirting from the most unlikely sources. Odd but fun.
2. Absolutely refusing to be aware of my singleness. Just flat out ignoring it, in fact. Until Sunday, it does not exist. If it doesn't exist, it can't make me sad. I figured I've tried just about everything else to deal with it; we'll see if denial works for a few days.
3. Flirting shamelessly (with reckless abandon, even).
4. Finishing off all the champagne (i.e., the drink of celebration...apparently) in my house with a good drinking buddy. Oh wait. Already did that Monday. :) And yes, there IS so much more to that story. Maybe in a locked post later.
5. Eating one decadent, horribly-bad-for-me thing a day. For the next few days, the progress on the new eating habits be damned (and yes, I counted the champagne as my decadent thing on Monday).
6. Either making myself breakfast or eating breakfast out with friends every day. Breakfast is my favorite meal and my favorite way of saying "I love you" to me.
7. Going to see the Vagina Monologues with Maggie, Sarah, Hope, Michelle, and Thomas on Saturday night after the wedding.

Wow - great station, Pandora. I am fighting the urge to make my facebook status "Suzanne is easy....easy like Sunday morning." Because the comments that would surely follow - it's just too, well, easy.


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