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Wow. This month is flying by.

Next weekend (April 19), I am going to be participating in Relay for Life. A few of you have said that you want to donate, so I thought I'd drop by and post a link to my donation page.

I have a lot to talk about, but I am working on an average of four hours of quasi-sleep a day, so I'm not sure I can organize my thoughts right now. I'm not quite sure what my deal is - I'm just not falling asleep easily and not staying asleep for long when I do. Hopefully that will change soon, because this month is too busy to crash.
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Today was awesome for several reasons:

1. Although I'm still not sleeping for large amounts of time at a time, I got three naplets today, which means I'm not really sleepy at all. Yay!

2. Maggie, Michelle, Mel, and I went to Central Market today. *loves* I never get to go because the closest one right now is in Ft. Worth (well, technically, the closest is in Plano, but traffic usually makes the Ft. Worth one faster to get to). We went around noon for lunch, and then spent 2.5 more hours shopping. Michelle had never been before, and I think part of her brain exploded a little bit when she saw the sheer immensity of the cheese selection. A glorious time was had by all.

3. Smallville didn't suck. That was a pleasant surprise.

4. The Office premiere ruled. I love this show so much.

5. A resident celebrating his birthday gave me cake when I got to the desk tonight. Happy birthday to him.

6. My hair looks cute.

7. The residents gathered in the lobby playing one of those warlike video games, which often inspire loud shouting and general unruliness, were so quiet. I like it when I don't have to remind them to be quiet. I like it when I get to compliment them on their behavior, because I understand how hard it can be to be quiet when you're playing a game that is exciting to you. I like being able to reward positive behavior rather than constantly having to resort to the please-try-to-be-quiet-hey-guys-getting-a-little-loud-again-stop-yelling-just-stop-yelling-seriously-ok-shut-the-hell-up-or-go-to-your-rooms approach that I had to take almost every night last spring. I like it when they make it easy to be their friend instead of the mean bitch at the desk.

8. Adam stopped by to have coffee and chat. We get along really well when he's not antagonizing me.

9. My department chair from my teaching school offered me the opportunity to work half a Saturday to make some extra money (thus, giving up my very necessary, lazy Saturday morning ritual), and I was able to say, "No, thank you," because I don't really need the extra money.

10. Did I mention that there was cake? Yay cake!

So, good day! And good TV week. I still haven't watched Bionic Woman or Pushing Daisies, but I hope to do that tomorrow night. At the request of Michelle, I am going to add Life to our TV repetoire next week. That will bring the number of shows that I'm interested in watching up to ten, which I suppose means that while I may be watching Life, I may not actually have a life.
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The pool outing was awesome. I love the pool. I shall spend many happy hours in the pool this summer. And I got to play auntie to Alexis, since Sam is still on bed rest from the birthing. But I learned that something I've always suspected about myself is probably true - I'm going to be one of those moms. I bathed her in sunscreen three times. Then, after she ate watermelon, I added another coat, just for good measure. Poor kid. She was very patient, though. And not burned by the sun at all. It wouldn't dare.

I, on the other hand, am a little pink. And freckly. And I have to figure out a way to sunscreen my scalp because it's got that tell-tale tenderness of too much sun.

I got to make Sam and Markos dinner tonight. I always get nervous cooking for other people, because people have such addictions to meat (especially in Texas), and I rarely cook with it. But I got a two thumbs up and a "divine," so I guess that they enjoyed it. Whew!

I am feeling so rested these days. I think I've finally figured out how to get all the sleep I need without spending hours on end just lying in bed, willing myself to go back to sleep. The key is several 2-3-hour naps throughout the day instead of trying to sleep 6-8 hours at once. This is working out beautifully for me. Why didn't I figure this out earlier?

Oh, and I'm addicted to So You Think You Can Dance. It's so high maintenance. I felt exhausted just watching. Dancers are so dramatic. And, while many were good, a few were horrible. I actually pointed while laughing at the TV. I can't remember any of their names yet, but my favorite is that street dancer who was upset with his performance even after all the judges told him how much they liked him. He has high standards for himself and is a hard worker and, most importantly for me, lacks that enormous chip that so many of the others have on their shoulders. Yay for cheesy summer TV.
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Here it is. The most nervewracking day of the year. That fateful day when I discover if all my hard work has paid off in more than endurance.

The first day of summer that I wear a swimsuit in public.

Ok, so it's not really in public. It's at Julie's house. And there are only going to be women there.

But still. I feel squirrely.

On the up side, I get to see my sister. I haven't seen her in weeks. She talked to me for ten minutes last night on the phone about the process of packing boxes. I think she was just trying to keep me on the phone. It's nice to be missed.

But that's all for now. I think I may take a nap before going to swim. I feel quite sleepy.
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Emerging from a sea of papers for a quick drive-by to say, "Hi!" and give a little update.

The end of the semester is near. The end of the semester is near. The end of the semester is near. It sounds lovelier every time I say it.

I had a student take a final yesterday who hasn't completed half his work for the semester. I wonder how he's planning on passing? I discreetly pulled him aside and asked as much, but he seemed adamant about taking the final. OK by me, if you don't mind wasting your time, I guess.

Down side - My back is one big knot.
Up side - Free 15-minute massages in the Union all week.

My keeping up with lj is going to be sporadic at best this week, in case you haven't noticed. I hope I don't miss anything important (like someone's birthday coming up on Thursday...). If I do, I claim finals/closedown week as my defense.

So. Tired. But not as tired as I thought I'd be. I've actually been getting pretty decent sleep.

Have a good day. And if this day should turn into days, have good days. And if those days should turn into the rest of the week...well, you get the idea.


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