May. 12th, 2006 02:23 am
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I skipped out of school today after handing in my grades. I was so happy.

I went home and had beer. At 11:00 in the morning. Because beer is what you have when you hand in grades.

My back still hurts but I don't care because I am through with school for eight weeks. Eight. Weeks. I picked up a class Summer II, but I don't have to teach until then.

*jumps around*

I had a horse named Pinto
we went riding all over this land
one day he got lost
I have a question for you -
Where has pinto bean?

Never mind me. I'm deliriously happy.

Tonight, we had a fish fry/end-of-the-semester party thing for the RA's and me and new RA's and Hall Association. It was great. We had fun. The food was good. Hush puppies are the best things ever.

Then, when I came back over to the lobby, a couple of residents were watching Smallville.

Smallville! Yay! )

And I'm hanging out at the desk with Maggie, Kara, and K.C. Hilarity is in the process of ensuing. Now they're arguing about which side of the desk is the liar side. I vote that side. *points* And, just for the record, I pointed to the side I'm not on.

This is for Maggie...and anyone else who likes Barry Manilow...but especially Maggie...clicky clicky )

But none of us is thinking about Abraham Lincoln (especially in bed), because there are no uncomfortable silences.

That makes sense. If you're us.


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