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So my Memorial Day was fun. Stomach virus attacked Sunday night, right after our trip to Taco Bueno. Taco Bueno no es bueno when you are coming down with a stomach virus. I thought I was just hungry. I should have known better. I don't get hungry. At least not that hungry. Not unless I haven't eaten for a few days, and we had just had lunch a few hours earlier.

So I did not go to Bill and Laura's for the cookout Monday, as planned. I went nowhere except downstairs. I ate nothing except Phenegran (sp?). I stayed in bed and softly moaned myself to a sleep-like trance (not actual sleep, mind you) between trips to the bathroom.

My big accomplishments Tuesday were keeping down toast and watching more TV than I had watched all the rest of the days of May combined.

Yesterday, I got into my car for the first time since the illness struck and sat by the pool at Julie's. I wasn't willing to chance the rocking of the water, but the sun felt nice.

I'm almost eating normally. I am currently enjoying my first caffeinated beverage (Coke - my comfort drink) since Sunday. Slowly. I shall have coffee this morning with Adam if all goes well.

I shall triumph!

In other good news, Sam had her baby last night around 10:15! Three weeks early. And she had this one at home. She was looking forward to the home birth; I'm excited to hear how it was for her. I have no details, except that mom and baby are doing fine. But yay! Welcome to the world, Cameron!

You know, I could really get used to this not-teaching thing. I like the leisurely feel of my days. Even working full time feels like a vacation. So this is what a real life is like.

You know. Without all the stomach issues.
coffeesnob318: (Default) [ profile] nonnierms!!! Hope your day is full of happy moments!

And cake. Have cake. Cake = yay.

And, since I didn't comment yesterday...Gilmore Girls )

My upper back hurts so bad. I'm considering muscle relaxers.
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Emerging from a sea of papers for a quick drive-by to say, "Hi!" and give a little update.

The end of the semester is near. The end of the semester is near. The end of the semester is near. It sounds lovelier every time I say it.

I had a student take a final yesterday who hasn't completed half his work for the semester. I wonder how he's planning on passing? I discreetly pulled him aside and asked as much, but he seemed adamant about taking the final. OK by me, if you don't mind wasting your time, I guess.

Down side - My back is one big knot.
Up side - Free 15-minute massages in the Union all week.

My keeping up with lj is going to be sporadic at best this week, in case you haven't noticed. I hope I don't miss anything important (like someone's birthday coming up on Thursday...). If I do, I claim finals/closedown week as my defense.

So. Tired. But not as tired as I thought I'd be. I've actually been getting pretty decent sleep.

Have a good day. And if this day should turn into days, have good days. And if those days should turn into the rest of the week...well, you get the idea.


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