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(I wrote this on the afternoon of my birthday...before the wine consumption got heavy).


Today is my 34th birthday, and it's been a good one so far. I started the day thinking of my friend (aka Rubber Ducky) and smiling. Then my dad called at 7:15, as is his custom. He seemed pleased that I sounded like I hadn't gotten out of bed yet (I hadn't - first time in years that he's caught me not up yet). We talked for a few minutes as he reveled in being the first to wish me a happy birthday.

I had breakfast with Tammy,

the hairy little sunglasses thief, )

and Matt. I told them about watching Babette's Feast - a horribly executed film with a beautiful story - and we had a nice leisurely breakfast. I had Eggs Benedict with no ham (but bacon on the side) and a Nichole Latte

mmm...carmelly goodness )

in honor of Maggie who couldn't make it.

After breakfast, I spent a couple of hours on Facebook, because I am addicted, replying to the massive number of "happy birthdays" on my wall. That has to be my favorite thing about my birthday - all the attention. I got lots of texts, too. I love it.

I came home and talked to Angela on the phone for a while. We had a sweet, honest conversation about life and singleness and love and friends, and it made me miss her really a lot. Oddly enough, she may understand where I am more than anyone. I hope she comes to dinner tonight.

In the afternoon, I ran a few errands, loitered at the library a while, and ended up at Art 6. I spent an hour there drinking coffee, starting

9. The Waitress Was New by Dominique Fabre )

and watching locals. Before I left, I bought a painting with the money my parents, Tammy and Matt had given me (picture to come soon when it comes home to my wall). I felt grown up. People should buy paintings on their birthdays (or something equally special).

I came home when Art 6 got really busy and treated myself to a snack of cheese and crackers and wine. After I had finished off the snack, I took my wine outside on the porch and alternated it with a few cigarettes while I finished my book.

Why I should have afternoons like this all the time )

My neighbors downstairs came home while I was reading. They're loud. A lot of people would dismiss them as pests. I love them. They're so loud and a lot to take at times (particularly when I'm trying to sleep off the night shift during the day). But they help me carry things upstairs when I seem overloaded. And they let people stay with them whom no one else would help (e.g., the teenager who soiled their couch so badly that they had to get rid of it and the old man from down the street who is alone and sick). And they have planted a flower garden next to our building in the area that gets neglected.

Beauty from Ashes )
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Book entry!

I recently moved all the books that I have borrowed from friends or the library to their own bookshelf. Granted, it's a small shelf, but...they have their own shelf! It only has four shelves on it, but....there are four shelves of books that need to go to someone who is not me. This is not good. So my reading list for the foreseeable future is whatever my book club is reading and whatever is on that shelf. That might explain the seemingly random nature of the selections, as people tend to offer loans of books that they think I will enjoy (Jeff, Adam, Mel, Maggie - I have one of your Sue Monk Kidd books, by the by), books that they think it would be good for me to read (Jim, Mom), and books that I have shamelessly pilfered from their shelves on my own (as if I'm going to name names on this one).

So, without further ado, I give you my first book post of the year. I'm hoping to make my reviews pretty short this year. Less typing; more reading. Here's to clearing off that shelf.

1. The Gospel Blimp, and Other Modern Parables by Joseph Bayly )

2. Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness: Equipping the Church to be Truly Christian in a Non-Christian World by Jerry Cook with Stanley C. Baldwin )

3. The Awakening by Kate Chopin )

4. Sex God by Rob Bell )

5. Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History is Restoring Grace, Justice and Beauty to the World by Paul Hawken )

So those are the first five of the year. Five down, 25,000 to go.


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