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Eeyore. A thousand times Eeyore. An elevator is too small a space to even ride in with Tigger, much less be trapped in. I would prefer Tigger out in the open, though - like in a field. I like both characters, and I think too much of either (especially to the exclusion of the other) would be equally annoying. I think real characters (i.e., people) tend to be a mix of both sides. If I had to be trapped in an elevator with someone, I choose people.

So I have come to the very quick conclusion that 1,000 words a day is too daunting when I don't have an overall plot and thus have the expectation that I'm going to have to come up with something new every single day. Some days, Hemingway only was able to write about two sentences. Of course, Hemingway eventually shot himself. Maybe I should find another example. Anne Lamott is a healthier role model. I'll go with her. I'm reading through Bird by Bird again, and that's helping me summon up the desire to write. I've been more lax on both writing and reading this year than I have before. It's just hard to concentrate. November may be a very frustrating month for me.

But I'm here. And I wrote something, even if it was short. And it didn't take me five hours to do it.

On another note - yay Chuck and Heroes. *hearts*


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