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I am dipleased.

First, I have a confession. I know that I have been all gung ho about the dancers this season, but there's one that I just don't enjoy watching. Okay, two, but only one of them was in the bottom three. I just don't like her. At all. And that would be Ryan.

Sure, she's good. Of course, she is. She's in the top twenty on SYTYCD. They're all good. Good isn't special here.

What she needs to be is amazing. And she isn't. Her technique is nice, but her emotional performance is one-dimensional. That stupid smile she has plastered all over her face, no matter how serious the piece she's performing is supposed to be? I want to slap it off. Maybe that would wake her up and remind her she's supposed to be human and not a pod person. And I have still yet to see her do anything so stunning that I couldn't just walk across campus and see every dance major at UNT do the same thing. I mean, we have a good dance department. But again - the dancers who deserve to stay on this show need to be more than good. They have to be extraordinary. And she's not.

In short, Ryan is OMG BORING. The only tears her performances bring to my eyes are from the effort to keep them open and not fall right asleep when she dances.

But she gets to stay. While sending Missy and Iveta home. Missy? Okay. I'm not attached to her. But Iveta is a world champion. She is stunning. She does things that no one else in the world can do (probably how she became a world champion). I never expected her to win, but I thought she'd at least last past the first elimination.

Ryan is staying because the judges see a lot of room for growth in her. Well, hell. By that argument, maybe I should be on the show. I would certainly be the most improved by the end of the season. You know, if I weren't dead.

And now to the guys...

Nick. *sighs* I love Nick. I didn't expect him to win either, but I am really sad that we won't be seeing more of him. His solo was okay. It wasn't his best, but it was entertaining. And the crowd loves him. I love him. I mean, do the judges remember his quick step from last week?!?! Sure he was being coached by his world champion ballroom dancer partner, but in the end, he's a tap dancer who nailed quick step. There's a reason that it's called the Dance of Death on this show - it's freakin' hard! And he nailed it. But alas, it's not meant to be. His little sad face! It made me sniffle.

And Wadi's solo was perfect. Seriously. One of the best I've seen on this show ever. It's the poster routine for how you're supposed to dance when you are dancing for your life. Yet inexplicably, he's out. I don't know what the judges want. I don't know how he could have done more.

So Ricky stays. Which is fine. I like him. I wouldn't have been happy no matter which one of these three guys had gone home. I like all of them. But Ricky's solo? Lackluster. He's a beautiful dancer who can make anything look good. But that routine? Not sure you can even call it a choreographed routine, as I'm pretty sure he just made it up as he went along, which I find a little unprofessional and disrespectful, particularly given how much Wadi clearly put into his.

So apparently, the judges are keeping people in whom they'd most like to see improvement, rather than the people who actually work the hardest so that they can perform the best.

You know who I'd like to see go home next week? First of all, Ryan. I think that's clear. The guy I'd like to lose is Jess. He's cute...he's talented...but he just bugs me. I know his idol is Gene Kelly, but he's not Gene Kelly, and I think he tries too hard to be. He's the Michael Buble of dance, and I could definitely stand to lose him.

ETA - Oh, yeah. My favorites this week!

Sasha and Alexander

and surprisingly,

Ashley and Chris

Date: 2011-06-24 07:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
One of my coworkers was upset because none of the bottom 3 were in the bottom last week. I knew Iveta wouldn't stay, and was sorry to see her go. Wadi's dance was great, but Ricky's was so generic. I would have gladly taken Wadi or Nick way before Ricky.


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