Apr. 27th, 2011

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I don't know what I did to my back, but I'm pretty sure I have a pinched nerve. It hurts and occasionally sends sharp pains down my leg. I have full mobility - it just hurts to use it.

Also, we had my grandma's funeral on Friday (last grandparent to die). She had been sick for a while, so it wasn't surprising, but I'm sad.

As you might imagine, this makes me super pleasant.

I am annoyed by residents who feel the need to shout obscenities when they lose their little video games. I'm no prude when it comes to bad language - I've been known to rattle off a few sailor-worthy phrases myself - but when it's generally quiet (as it should be during Quiet Hours), and the only real noise is the temper tantrum, it's off-putting.

I'm also annoyed by students who want to be professional writers who seem to think it's too much trouble to proofread their own blogs. I understand the occasional mistake. We all miss things. But if I find four errors, and I haven't even finished the first two sentences, that's just ridiculous. If I were looking to hire a writer, I would not hire them.

And the latest thing annoying me? Facebook statuses like this:
"Passing it along -- Friday, Facebook will become owner of the publishing rights of ALL your private photos. You need to make a simple change: go to 'account', 'account settings', 'facebook ads' (along the top), 'ads shown by third parties', choose 'NO ONE' then SAVE. 2 minutes' job. And please Share share share. (for those who haven't done this yet."

First of all, Facebook already has legal rights to your photos, information, or anything else you post on their site, simply because it's their site. They pay for it. You pay nothing. They allow you to post all sorts of things on their site, free of charge. All they have to do legally is inform you of their intent to use your photos and information, which they would do in the Terms and Conditions that nobody reads. That they don't milk this for all it's worth already should be considered a courtesy, not an expectation.

Second, they have always given us the option of not letting them use our photos. This is not anything new. Again, that would be in the information you should have read when you signed up for an account.

Third, the most annoying thing to me is that the only people I've seen posting this are people who also post disparaging things about other people wanting silly things like healthcare or school for free or reduced prices. That's right - to hell with the single mom working three jobs who still can't afford to take her sick kids to the doctor. But God forbid anyone deny them the right to post the latest pictures of Fluffy, no strings attached, on someone else's dime.

In better news:
My first web show with Pampered Chef was a success. Thank you to those who ordered. It should ship someday next week.

Edited to add: If I sit leaning forward like I'm skiing, my back doesn't hurt at all. Unfortunately, this looks really awkward. People don't really know how to react to it. But I just don't care. Actually, that part is kinda funny.


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