Apr. 9th, 2011

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I would be orange (and no, not just because it's my favorite color). Orange suits my personality. It's the color of fire. I get riled up. I am passionate and I can easily work up a pretty fiery rant about the things that stir that passion.

But it's also the color of sweet potatoes (they're like me because they're sweet, see? Heh.). And butternut squash. It's homey and warm and hospitable and nourishing. I hope that these are things that describe me as well.

I used to want a guy who'd be blue. Not blue as in sad (although I believe the occasional melancholy can really grow a soul, and I enjoy a fella with soul). Blue as in relaxing. Calming. Laid back and easy to get along with. Like a waterfall or a stream. A go with the flow sort of guy. Deep, like the ocean. Refreshing and sensual, like the rain. And that sounds pretty great, actually. I'd like a guy who is like that. But is he my ideal mate? I'm not so sure.

More and more, I think I'd prefer a guy who's red. Red is very similar to orange. They have a lot in common. Red is vibrant and outgoing. Red's not afraid of fire, so unlike waters of blue, it's not tempted to put it out. In fact, red jumps right in to the midst of the flames.

But red is also my favorite kind of wine. Smooth and mellow. Someone I would enjoy sharing an evening and a home with. I can see my favorite red and I having some friends over for dinner, and the red fits right in, all homey and warm and hospitable. Not to mention how warm and hospitable the red inspires me to be in return. Red is all kinds of passion.

Orange and Red.


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