Feb. 14th, 2011

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You know what's delicious? Fried eggs on top of potato chips. Add some shredded cheese on top of that, and you have created a lovely dish that is simultaneously one of the things that are going to kill you and one of the things that make life worth living.

Also, I have Oreo truffles, courtesy of Maggie. You know you're jealous.

And there are cookies at my desk. A resident just leaned over the pan and asked, "What kind of cookies are these?" I answered, "Free ones."

It may be a long night.

In other news, this weekend, I went to the spring launch conference for Pampered Chef where we got to check out all the new products. My favorites? The manual food processor (!!!) and the cake server shaped like a shoe (a dollar goes to the American Cancer Society for every one sold). I feel I need both these things yesterday. Unfortunately, they're not available until March 1. I keep telling myself I can wait.

In the mean time, I am doing a catalog show that I will close on February 26, so let me know if there's something you want. You can look at the products at this website.


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